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Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, September to May at 7.30pm.

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Pictures of Events

Lodge Carrick 900 IC

8th March 04

Some brethren From Ellangowan took in some Irish hospitality at the installation of Brother Frank Close.

Presenting WM Frank Close with a gift from Lodge Ellangowan PM Duncan Evans, WM Frank Close, John Wright
Bains Lodge No.7844 EC

8th October 04

Lodge Ellangowan  conferred an exemplification 3rd degree at Lodge Baines No.7844 near Blackpool.

Alex McPherson Presents the WM M.E.R. Price P.Pr.S.G.D. of Lodge Bains The Degree team including The RWM of lodge Thistle and Crown, Gordon Hamilton Wade who helped us as WSW.Thanks Gordon

PM Angus Cameron having some fun at the expense of John Wright
Oklahoma Indian Degree Team 4th April 2006

Andrew Findlay PM RWM in full Indian Regalia.

John Wright WSW

Jack Gordon SM

The Oklahoma Indian Degree Team

Bro John Flanagan, Grant MacLeod and Brian Smalorek from Lodge Houston St. Johnstone No.242  

The eleven-man degree team, from the State of Oklahoma in the USA represented seven separate Indian Nations. The Apache - Shawnee – Muskogee –Chickasaw – Keetoowah – Sycamore- and Ottawa, all of whom were resplendent in Indian apparel - are touring the United Kingdom, bringing their own unique brand of freemasonry, in a some what colourful, dignified and impressive manner.

On entry to the lodge, the degree team was accompanied by Bro Johnny D Onkst - The Senior Grand Warden of Oklahoma. The exemplification of the degree started with Bro, Joseph Lynch PM (Apache) taking the chair. After an able and competent first part, the degree team retired then returned in full Indian apparel. The Master for the second part of the degree was Bro. Louis Melford Fish (Muskogee Creek).

The degree was conferred in an excellent manner with humour at the appropriate places, for example when the Ru….s were taken outwith the city walls and dealt with , upon return three "scalps" were thrown on the floor. At the conclusion of the degree it was explained that the degree team had been given some flexibility while in the UK and that usually, the degree would be conferred with more solemnity.

Lodge Carrick 900 IC 14th March 2008
Brethren of Lodge Ellangowan With raffle Winning some prizes
Brethren in song PM John Wright enjoying the hospitality
Lodge La France No.4 Warsaw May 08

PM John Wright in the East

Inside Lodge La France No 4

Inside Lodge La France No 4

PM John Wright with The Grand Master of Poland VWBro Mirek Kvasnak
PM John Wright with The Master of Lodge La France WBro. Christophe Roulet